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Creating a New Program

You can create a new program by clicking on the + New Program button in the top right-hand side of the screen from your Programs Dashboard.

Program Details

You’ll need to choose a Name and Image for your program. A Description of your program’s goals can be helpful to get yourself focused, but isn’t required. You can also Assign this program to your client(s) straight away, but you can leave this for later by coming back to this page.

Adding Exercises to your Program

Click the + Add Exercise button to start building your program.

You can select multiple exercises to add at once. There is a search bar if you want to search by name as well as filters if you want to search by muscle group or movement type.

Adjusting Exercise Metrics

To adjust an exercise’s metrics (like reps, weight, RPE, etc) click the Add/Edit Details button. Here you’ll find a menu of metrics that also include an option to add additional notes, which can be used to add reminders or cues for your client.

Creating Supersets

To group 2 exercises together, click the Create Superset button located between two exercises (you can also drag an exercise on top of another).

Creating Circuits

To merge more exercises, click the Create Circuit button located between a group of exercises and another exercise (you can merge two circuits together as well).

Duplicating Exercises, Workouts, and Weeks

To duplicate either an exercise (including supersets/circuits), a whole workout, or even an entire week, click the overflow menu found at the top-right corner of each item. You can either Duplicate these items to the same program or you can Copy To another program altogether.

Click here for a guide on duplicating Exercises, Workouts, and Weeks.

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