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Tips for Creating Program & Workout Templates

Creating Program Templates

It can be helpful to have a set of templated program lay outs ready so that you can easily duplicate them to then make adjustments for each client with. To do this, we recommend clicking on the + New Program button in the top right-hand side of the screen from your Programs Dashboard.

When filling out the details, include Template in the name so you know to duplicate this program before making edits to it.

Fill out this program with whatever exercises and metrics you’d like to include in the template so that you can make easy and quick adjustments later on.

When you’re ready to use this template, click the Duplicate button to make an exact copy of this program before you assign it to your chosen client, then make whatever adjustments you need for them.

Swapping an Exercise

To quickly swap out exercises on your templated program, simply find the exercise you want to swap out, click the ‘triple dots’ and then click Swap.

Creating Workout Templates

Another helpful tip is to save and store your favourite core finishers, HIIT circuits, and general mobility flows in a program so that you can use the Copy To button to easily add them into other programs.


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